Steelcase Leap vs Aeron

Steelcase Leap vs Aeron Review

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If you are someone who has to spend their working days behind a desk, then you know just how important having a high-quality chair is. An ergonomic chair can make all of the difference between finishing your working days feeling like a million bucks, versus feeling like you are in desperate need of a trip to the chiropractor.

In the world of ergonomic chairs, there are two models that are held in extremely high regard – the Steelcase Leap and the Herman Miller Aeron. They are both extremely comfortable chairs that are designed with ergonomics chief in mind, and they both feature varying options that help provide even more comfort for users.

But deciding between the two chairs isn’t easy. With that in mind, we set out to answer one basic question: Steelcase Leap vs Aeron – which one is the best?

In order to answer that question, we placed the two chair models against each other in a series of head-to-head comparison categories in order to crown an undisputed winner. We also compared the pros and cons of each chair, which further factored into our ultimate decision.

Which chair ended up reigning supreme? Read on to find out!

Direct Comparison



Steelcase Leap Chair, Grey Fabric

Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Size B, Graphite


Foam padded fabric

Pellicle mesh


One size fits all

Three sizes available

Adjustable features

Adjustable seat and armrest height, optional headrest

Adjustable seat and armrest height


Breaking it down

In order to figure out which of these two ergonomic chairs is better suited for consumers, we’ll be comparing them head-to-head in the following three categories:

  • Material the chair is made out of
  • Chair size available
  • Are the seat and armrest height adjustable? Are there any other adjustable features?

As both chairs are rather similar in that they both feature solid ergonomic designs that provide plenty of support for your lumbar spine, varying tilt tension settings, and pretty much identical warranties, we chose these categories to compare in order to help consumers narrow down between the two in order to help make their decision.


The first comparison that we’ll be making is between the material used in the manufacturing of the two chairs. They are both made with recyclable materials which is a definite plus, but other than that, the materials used are quite different.

Steelcase Leap

The Leap is made with a traditional foam-padded fabric seat and back. The material used will feel familiar to most people, as it’s the same type of foam used to produce the majority of task chairs available on the market.


The Aeron uses a suspension Pellicle mesh material that allows it to be much more breathable when compared with the Leap. The mesh material helps to keep you cool, especially if you’re working in a warmer climate while simultaneously helping to keep odors under control.

WINNER: The Aeron takes an early lead in the material category, as while both chairs are made with comfortable materials, the added breathability of the Pellicle mesh in the Aeron helps to not only keep you cool during the summer months, but it’s also much easier to clean in the event of a spill.


Next up, we’ll be looking at the sizes available for each chair. Finding a chair that is the right size for you is absolutely an important factor to consider when it comes to working comfortably.

Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap was released with only one size available, with the company proclaiming that it’s an office chair offering a convenient one-size-fits-all design.


On the other hand, the Aeron is available in three different sizes, with further customization options possible with each varying size. This makes the Aeron an ideal choice for anyone who is concerned with having more customization options.

WINNER: We have to award this category to the Aeron as well, due to the simple fact that nobody’s body is exactly the same, meaning there’s no ‘true’ one size fits all chair solution. Being able to choose between three different sizes for the Aeron, and then being able to customize each size even further makes Aeron the clear winner here.

Adjustable Features

For our final comparison category, we’ll be taking a look at the adjustable options available to each chair. Are the seat and armrest heights adjustable? Are the armrests optional? Is there an included headrest? These are all added customization options that can make or break a decision for many people.

Steelcase Leap

The Leap offers adjustable heights for both the seat and the armrests. In addition, you also have the option of purchasing the chair without any armrests for an added cost. Finally, the Leap also offers an optional headrest.


Just like the Leap, you are able to adjust the height for both your seat and armrests. And again, the Aeron offers the ability to purchase the chair without armrests if you’re willing to pay a bit extra. Where they do end up differing however, is the Aeron does not have an option to include a headrest.

WINNER: The Steelcase Leap finally takes a point over the Aeron when it comes to adjustability, and it all comes down to the fact that the Leap offers the option for customers to add a headrest to the chair. It’s a minor difference, but as they both offer otherwise identical customization options, it was enough to edge out the Aeron.

Final Recount

Before we proceed to list the pros and cons for both the Steelcase Leap and the Aeron, let’s take a moment to quickly recap how each of the chairs scored based on the categories that we compared them in above:

  • Material Winner: Aeron
  • Available Sizes Winner: Aeron
  • Adjustability Winner: Steelcase Leap

The Aeron leads so far with a score of 2-1, but will it end up being the ultimate winner? Let’s go over a few of the immediately noticeable pros and cons of both chairs before we announce our final verdict.

Pros and Cons of Each



  • Multiple upper and lower back adjustment options
  • Seat has both flex and glide features
  • Long warranty (12 years)
  • Foam padding is more prone to stains from spills
  • Armrests can shift

  • Mesh material allows more breathability plus odor control
  • Multiple customization options available
  • Long warranty (12 years)
  • Lacks neck and head support
  • Difficult to assemble

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that the Aeron was ahead by 2-1 in our scoring above, in the end, we ultimately concluded that in the matchup between the Steelcase Leap and the Aeron, the end result is that the two chairs are TIED.

They are both fantastic ergonomically sound chairs that will make working all day at a desk an absolute breeze, keeping you completely comfortable while providing plenty of support for your back thanks to their unique designs.

In the end, there are only a few minor differences that really set the two chairs apart. Those minor differences will mostly come down to personal preference.

At the end of the day, if you’re in the market for a comfortable chair that features an excellent ergonomic design, you can’t go wrong choosing either the Steelcase Leap or the Aeron. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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