Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

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Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Really easy to set up
  • Comfortable
  • Enhances typing 

What We Don't Like

  • Loud space bar
  • Unusual structure

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Do you feel that? The discomfort in your wrists after a long day typing? You've probably been ignoring it. Don't worry, you’re not alone.

Most computer users don't consider using an ergonomic keyboard, especially in the workplace. This begs the question, are they really worth the price? Let's find out by reviewing one of the most sought-after ergonomic keyboards, the Microsoft Script Ergonomic Keyboard.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard is made by Microsoft, and is designed to correct wrist pronation problems that cause pain and discomfort to computer users. The keyboard is split to ensure that your wrists and forearms stay relaxed as you work.  The console is the first of its kind from Microsoft and has brought considerable improvements and comfort in the computing world.

Suitable Users

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is appropriate for use by a variety of individuals ranging from children and students to adults.  If you often type or use a computer, this keyboard can be of great help to you ergonomically.

It works to make the time spent using your computer more bearable as it eliminates any associated pain as a result of wrong hand posture. The keyboard is easy to use and install as all you have to do is position your wrists and arms correctly as you type.  Installation is also quite easy so anyone can install and use it.

What’s in the box?

A cushioned palm rest accompanies the keyboard, which provides support to the wrist while ensuring you maintain a neutral position when typing. There is also a natural arc key that mimics the shape of fingertips and makes typing as natural as possible.

The number pad is separate from the letters keyboard, which offers the much-needed flexibility to work in a limited workspace setup. You also get a wireless mouse to accompany your wireless keyboard.


A sleek design that embraces a split keyboard. The design works to enhance comfort and eliminate any chances of straining and causing harm to your wrists. A split keyboard design ensures that your wrist and forearm are positioned naturally.

Cushioned palm rests. This helps in providing comfort for your wrists while typing.

Domed shape and arched key layout. This gives the keyboard a natural feel and makes typing feel natural.

A separate number pad. It comes with the number pad detached from the main keyboard giving you flexibility and the ability to position it where it is most convenient for you.


  • You can work from all angles. The keyboard has a natural arc that mimics the curve of your fingertips as you type. Therefore, you can enjoy more natural typing without straining. Additionally, the reverse tilt design of the keyboard ensures you have a straight and typical keyboard when need be.
  • Maximum comfort due to the cushioned armrests and general shape of the keyboard that positions your wrist in a natural position as you work.
  • Lasting productivity thanks to the design features which enhance your typing experience.
  • Flexibility and portability as you can carry the keyboard to wherever you may need to work from. The detached numerical pad also adds to flexibility.


  • Loud space bar that can irritate and disturb your concentration as you work.
  • The keyboard is different from normal ones and might take some time to get used to it.
  • This product come at a very high price compared to conventional keyboards.

How it install the keyboard

I would love to say that installing this keyboard is a cakewalk but if I’m being honest, it might be a tad difficult for some users, especially if you are new to computers altogether. However, just to touch on the basics, installation involves downloading the keyboard software and drivers from the Microsoft website, after which they will detect the keyboard automatically. You will later assign different keys to specific functions before getting started.


Although the price for this keyboard is higher than a normal keyboard, it is hard to get a replacement in terms of price. In fact, most ergonomic keyboards can be obtained at the same price or an even higher price than the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard.

However, if you must find a replacement for this keyboard based on price, you should consider giving the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard a try. It might not come with the same design as this one but it is forgiving on your wrist when typing and every bit ergonomically enhance as its Sculpt counterpart.


Although setting up this keyboard might be a bit of a challenge, once it's ready you will have an unforgettable experience typing. The steps taken to protect your wrists when using this keyboard are quite remarkable such as the dome shape, cushioned palm rest and of course, the detached numeric pad.

You may be tempted to complain about the price but come to think of it, there are other ergonomic keyboards that don’t offer half the features of the Microsoft Sculpt yet manage to double the price. If I were you, I would focus on its amazing features and compatibility with my computer rather than its price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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