How to Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels

How to Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels

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Remember how effortlessly your office chair glided across the room when it was still new? Now you can barely get to the other side of your desk! When was the last time you cleaned the wheels of your office chair? Probably never, right? No worries, you are not alone; most people pay attention to the fabric and forget to clean the most important section, the wheels.

Due to their rolling action, office chair wheels collect so much debris and with time it clogs up your wheels. Most of this debris is easily dissolved by a cleaning solution, but stray hair always puts up a fight. It's frustrating to remove hair from the wheels of an office chair, but it can be done. So, how to remove hair from office chair wheels?

Pop off the casters for easy cleaning

A great number of office chairs come with removable casters. This makes cleaning the wheels much easier and less messy. To remove the casters, use a regular screwdriver by placing it between the chair leg and the base of the caster. Gently push it upward and they will come right off. Some are actually easy to remove and can be done using your hands.

If your casters are permanently fixed, turn the chair over having the legs facing up

How to Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels duct tape

Duct tape

Duct tape is an everyday useful item that can easily get rid of hair from the wheels of your seat. Roll a section of the tape on your finger with the sticky section facing out. Place the tape on the shreds of hair firmly, making sure you spread it over a large section. Pull the duct tape swiftly, removing a chunk of hair. Repeat until you get it all off.

Clippers and tweezers

In some cases, the hair is usually all tangled up such that duct tape cannot remove it by itself. You can use clippers to cut the hair into tiny sections which can be pulled using the duct tape method. Tweezers are also great for picking hair from the wheels of your chair as they can reach deep into the cracks of the wheels, doing a better job than duct tape.

Heat things up!

Heat usually burns hair up reducing it into a pile of ashes in a matter of minutes. You can use a lighter to aim and burn hair strands in your chair’s wheels. A blow torch also works well. However, when using heat you should be cautious not to burn the wheels as they are made of plastic. Using a blow torch or lighter often ends up burning your wheels the minute you wrongly aim the flame. For this reason, the best source of heat should be a strong heat emitter without producing flames. A good example of this is a heat gun.

After burning the hair, spray the wheels with a powerful stream of high-pressure water to remove ashes and burnt hair. A hosepipe will work just fine but if you can get a pressure washer, the better.

Soap and water

If your seat casters come off, soak them in soapy detergent water for about 15 minutes. Soap is great at removing any debris that may be difficult to reach with tweezers or duct tape.

Use a lubricant

After cleaning the wheels, thoroughly dry them to prevent rust on the metal part of the caster. Use a lubricant on the metal sections of the seat as well as all other moving parts to allow fluid motion.

You should avoid applying lubricant on the part of the wheel that touches the floor as it will cause a greasy mess on your floor. To accurately get in between the wheels of your casters opt for lubricants that come with a long application tube.

For the faint-hearted

If you are the kind that doesn’t like getting your hands dirty, there are other options you can peruse in order to clean your chair. For one, you could have a cleaning service do the work for you. This option is best for more than one chair for instance, when cleaning chairs for your entire office.

Getting services from a cleaning agent is often quite expensive, especially if you are just cleaning one chair. A cheaper alternative to this is to replace your casters when they get all clogged up. A set of 5 casters goes for as low as $8 and with good maintenance, will last you a while before thinking of buying another set.


  • It's harder to remove hair from the wheels when wet. Try to remove the hair first before washing the casters with any kind of fluid
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the casters is the best way to keep them unclogged and free of debris. Do it at least once every two months, depending on how clean your office is. A little cleaning goes a long way
  • If you are planning on buying a new office chair, get one with wheels that separate from the caster for an easy time cleaning is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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