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Wrist Rest for Mouse

Wrist Rest for Mouse – Good or Bad?

Are you experiencing pain in your wrist while using your computer mouse? Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and using your mouse causes your symptoms to flare up? Many people who deal with hand or wrist pain while using their mouse consider purchasing a wrist rest to try and help ease their painful symptoms.​ Quick […]

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How to Get Used to a New Mouse image

How to Get Used to a New Mouse

Many people are surprised to find that there’s usually a slight adjustment period that accompanies getting a new computer mouse. Indeed, you would expect that replacing something seemingly so innocuous wouldn’t take much getting used to. However, depending on what you typically use your computer mouse for, it can actually take quite a bit of effort […]

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Whats the Best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers image

What’s the Best Computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers?

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, then you know full well how excruciatingly painful it can be to even perform certain basic tasks like holding a computer mouse. In fact, if you’re using the wrong kind of computer mouse, you may even be making your carpal tunnel symptoms worse! The wrong type of computer mouse […]

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Is An Optical or Laser Mouse Better image

Is An Optical or Laser Mouse Better?

If you’re in the market to purchase a new computer mouse, it’s not at all uncommon to feel almost completely overwhelmed by all of the options available. However, when you consider that aside from your keyboard, your mouse will most likely be the hardware peripheral getting the most use, it makes sense to choose carefully. […]

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