Benefits of an Ergonomic Keyboard

Benefits of an Ergonomic Keyboard

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Although ergonomic keyboards were invented way back in the 90s, most people still know little about them.

A good number don’t even know what an ergonomic keyboard is in the first place! 

If you think that ergonomic keyboards might be a waste of time, or have no clue what we are talking about, it’s time you learned the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard.

They may just entice you into improving your office life by getting one.

What is an ergonomic keyboard?

As the name suggests, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to promote productivity and reduce fatigue when working. These keyboards pretty much resemble your conventional flat keyboard, the only difference being their design and shape. The design helps in correctly positioning your hands when typing, saving you from straining your wrists. There are three types of ergonomic keyboards, depending on their design:

  • Contoured Keyboard: These are shaped like domes or waves and help in naturally positioning your arms when typing.
  • Split Keyboard: Split keyboards come in segments where the keyboard is split in the middle. Sometimes the number pad is also placed separately from the main keyboard. This helps with comfort, easy flow in typing and proper hand spacing when typing.
  • Angled Keyboard: As the word suggests, angled keyboards are slightly inclined to promote proper wrist and hand placement when typing.
Benefits of an Ergonomic Keyboard benefits

Benefits of an ergonomic keyboard

  1. Comfort and wrist support

The design used in ergonomic keyboards provides more space for your wrist and forearm to sit in the middle of the keyboard as you type. This positions your arms naturally as you type, eliminating strain and adding comfort.

Additionally, an ergonomic keyboard ensures that your fingers are closer to the keys, which results in the use of less effort and hand movement. The less your hands move as you type, the more comfortable your typing experience will be, so your productivity will increase.

  1. Easy to use

Ergonomic keyboards are designed for people who might be susceptible to wrist and forearm pain after prolonged typing. The contours of the computer console will provide comfort and ample time as you interact with the console. It works just like the conventional computer keyboard—after connecting and installing the drives, all you have left to do is type!

  1. Reduces the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome

An ergonomic keyboard is designed to allow for more natural positioning of wrists and forearms as you use the computer. The keyboard is narrower which reduces the strains when reaching for the mouse and using it. This helps mitigate the risk of you getting carpal tunnel syndrome which is as a result of pinching a nerve in your wrist. This leads to numbness in your fingers and sometimes your whole hand.

  1. Supports a healthy posture

Why do you want to maintain a good sitting posture when using an ergonomic office chair? I bet it’s for the same reason you take time to get the right office desk; to maintain a healthy sitting posture! The same goes for an ergonomic keyboard.

By properly placing your wrists on the keyboard, you encourage proper shoulder alignment, which trickles down to proper positioning of your whole body. It’s not enough to focus on your sitting posture if you ignore your hand placement. Go all the way! Your healthy body will thank you.

  1. Good for increasing your typing speed

Since you will be typing with a more natural and relaxed position, it is possible that your typing speed will improve. Keep in mind that the more the time you spend using an ergonomic keyboard, the more you adapt to using it and learn where all the keys are placed (without having to look at the keyboard). Moreover, with a relaxed wrist and comfortable finger positioning, you can work for longer and accomplish more tasks, hence improving your productivity at work.

  1. Saves money and energy

When you invest in an ergonomic keyboard, the energy that you put into coping with typing in the wrong position can be put to good use. Furthermore, erroneous typing positions increase the occurrence of fatigue, which in turn reduces the hours you can stay working. Therefore, ergonomic keyboards will save your energy as you can work for extended periods without getting fatigued.

Keep in mind that most, if not all, ergonomic keyboards are built to last and are less susceptible to button malfunction or sticking. This saves you financially by eliminating the need for constantly replacing or repairing your keyboard.

  1. Responds quickly

It’s not often that you come across flat ordinary keyboards with keys that don’t stick or require some force to respond. The good thing about ergonomic keyboards is that they are made to respond quickly to touch. This means that the keyboard keys merely need a little force or rather light touching to respond. This helps with the ease and comfort of typing, and also saves you time when working. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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