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VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Mouse and Mouse Pad

VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Mouse and Mouse Pad Review

If you’re looking to buy a wireless mouse at an extremely affordable price that still manages to pack in a lot of value, you really can’t go wrong with choosing the VicTsing 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse.

Not only is it an incredibly well-made mouse, but you’ll also get a high-quality mouse pad included with your purchase as well.

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Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table Review

One of the most unhealthy things that you can do to your body is to spend extensive amounts of time sitting down. Not only can physical inactivity contribute to anxiety and depression, but it’s also a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

With the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle becoming more widely known, many individuals who work office jobs requiring them to sit down for most of the day have started to switch over to using standing desks as a healthier alternative.

There are many great options out there, but one of our personal favorites is the Avantree adjustable laptop table.

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VARIDESK Small Standing Desk

VARIDESK Small Standing Desk Review

Have you ever experienced back pain from working at a computer desk all day? Using a workstation that isn’t designed with ergonomics in mind can place a huge amount of strain on your body, contributing to back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain.

While working with poor posture definitely plays a role in many office injuries, so too does spending hours at a time sitting down at a desk. That doesn’t even begin to take into consideration the cardiovascular risks that can develop as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

A healthier alternative that many people are switching to are laptop standing desks. These days, there’s certainly no shortage of available standing desk options.

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Best Ergonomic Office Chair of 2018

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs?

For a professional who works long hours in an office environment, an ergonomic office chair is an incredibly valuable investment. Long hours of maintaining the same position take a heavy toll on the spine, particularly the lumbar region of the lower spine, and the muscles in the back, causing neck and hip pain as well. An […]

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What to Look For In a Gaming Keyboard image

What to Look For In a Gaming Keyboard

If you’re a first-time buyer of a gaming keyboard, it can be difficult to know what exactly you should be looking for when it comes to features. After all, there’s no shortage of gaming keyboards available to you, and they can vary wildly when it comes to pricing. Thankfully, that’s where we come in with this […]

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Are Armrests Good For Ergonomics image

Are Armrests Good For Ergonomics?

When you’re working at your desk, do you use a chair that has armrests? Many people wonder if they would be better off using a chair with armrests, especially if they find that they are experiencing arm, neck, or back pain from working. But are armrests good for ergonomics? Quick Navigation Why Do People Use Armrests?Proper […]

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Best Ergonomic Keyboard of 2018_

What are the Best Ergonomic Keyboards?

Computers, and by extension keyboards, have become an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, we seldom consider how much of an influence the keyboard plays in our day, only thinking about it when the keyboard we received with the computer breaks down and we need to replace it. However, it’s worth considering getting a new keyboard […]

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Best Ergonomic Mouse of 2018

Best Ergonomic Mouse of 2019 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Navigating walk-in or online stores for a mouse is no small task. Especially when you’re looking for an ergonomic design, there’s just so much to consider. The boxes and labels always overwhelm customers with specifications and fancy technical words but rarely do they offer any explanations. If you want to learn a bit more about what […]

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Best Ergonomic Desk of 2018

What are the Best Standing Desks?

What makes ergonomic standing desks a great alternative to the traditional desks we’re accustomed to? Perhaps their most important feature is the ability to impose a correct posture on the users. They help you keep your back straight and your elbows at a 90 degree angle to avoid developing chronic pain. Some models can even let […]

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Wrist Rest for Mouse

Wrist Rest for Mouse – Good or Bad?

Are you experiencing pain in your wrist while using your computer mouse? Do you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and using your mouse causes your symptoms to flare up? Many people who deal with hand or wrist pain while using their mouse consider purchasing a wrist rest to try and help ease their painful symptoms.​ Quick […]

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