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How To Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle

How To Adjust Office Chair Seat Angle

An average office worker spends about six hours a day sitting at work. Keep in mind you also sit in your car on the way to work and probably sit some more on the way back home only to sit through TV and finally lie in bed all night. You don’t need to be a doctor to […]

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How to Make a Mechanical Keyboard Quiet

How to Make a Mechanical Keyboard Quiet

Mechanical keyboards are increasingly becoming popular in the computing world thanks to how great they feel when gaming or typing. But there is a catch; they are usually loud when in use.  Ok, maybe not as loud as most people make them out to be, but loud enough to cause a disturbance in a quiet […]

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Do you feel that? The discomfort in your wrists after a long day typing? You’ve probably been ignoring it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Most computer users don’t consider using an ergonomic keyboard, especially in the workplace. This begs the question, are they really worth the price? Let’s find out by reviewing one of the most sought-after ergonomic keyboards, the Microsoft Script Ergonomic Keyboard.

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Steelcase Leap vs Aeron

Steelcase Leap vs Aeron Review

If you are someone who has to spend their working days behind a desk, then you know just how important having a high-quality chair is. An ergonomic chair can make all of the difference between finishing your working days feeling like a million bucks, versus feeling like you are in desperate need of a trip […]

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Merax Executive Chair

Merax Executive Chair Review

Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer desk? For anyone who works 40 hours or more sitting in an office chair, you already know that sitting in the wrong type of chair can take its toll on your body.

The importance of a high-quality, comfortable chair that’s ergonomically sound can’t be understated. One of the best ergonomic chairs that we’ve come across is the Merax Inno Series Executive chair.

What makes this chair stand out so much? Read on to find out!

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Kinesis Keyboard

Kinesis Keyboard Review

It seems like with each passing year, more and more people are making the switch from PC to Mac. While both types of machines are equally viable, there is definitely something to be said about the ease of use of the Mac operating system (High Sierra at the time of writing).

However, if there’s one valid complaint that can be levied at Mac systems, it’s that they aren’t really designed with ergonomics in mind. Thankfully, there are third-party attachments that can remedy this issue, like the excellent Kinesis Freestyle 2 wireless ergonomic keyboard.

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Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard

Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Review

When it comes to typing away on a keyboard, ergonomics definitely matter. The wrong type of keyboard or even the right type of keyboard used with poor posture can end up causing repetitive strain injury (RSI).

If you spend a lot of time every day using a keyboard, then it only makes sense to invest in a keyboard with a sound design focused on ergonomics. The Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 adjustable ergonomic keyboard is one such product that we highly recommend.

Read on to find out exactly what makes this keyboard such a fantastic pick!

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Rapoo 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

Rapoo 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

Believe it or not, one of the leading causes of injuries such as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) in office workers today can be something as simple as using a computer. Office chairs, your desk, and even your mouse and keyboard can all potentially contribute to pain and injury, especially when they aren’t designed with ergonomics in mind.

Some companies have recognized the huge need for ergonomic office supplies, and Rapoo is one of them. Their 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse aims to address this need, and it does a fantastic job of doing so.

Read on to find out why!

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Webat High Precision Gaming Mouse

Webat High Precision Gaming Mouse Review

If you’re a PC gamer, then you already know that the hardware you use matters. The choice between a standard mouse and keyboard setup and a gaming setup can make all of the difference between victory or defeat.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time gaming, then you’re going to want to invest in hardware that features a solid ergonomic design. Choosing a mouse like this will help to reduce the likelihood of injuring your wrist and hand while playing.

One of the best options in that case is the Webat High Precision Gaming Mouse.

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AUKEY Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

AUKEY Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review


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AUKEY Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review
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Review of: AUKEY Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
Category: Wireless Mice
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6 month battery life is weak compared to competitors

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Getting the Most Out of This Mouse

It’s a rather surprising fact that every year injuries caused by ergonomically incorrect workstations result in over $15 billion in workers compensation costs due to musculoskeletal disorders.

Spending a large amount of time typing and clicking can definitely take a toll on your hands and wrists. In order to prevent injury, many people are now focusing more on ergonomic office equipment, particularly with keyboards and mice.

The AUKEY ergonomic wireless mouse is one of our favorite ergonomic office products on the market, featuring a multitude of great features along with a slick 30 degree angle design.

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